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Variety Pack

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6 Pack  

2 jars of Classic, 1 jars of Tomato Basil, 1 jars of Vodka, 1 jars of Arrabbiata and 1 jars of Pizza


12 Pack

3 jars of Classic, 3 jar of Tomato Basil, 2 jar of Vodka, 2 jar of Arrabbiata and 2 jar of Pizza



Natural and pure, using only 5 ingredients, yet packed with flavor. We don’t add any preservatives, artificial flavors or spices.


Slow cooked over 6 hours, we take no shortcuts in making sure you get the real deal.


Simply delicious. Our 5 star reviews will tell you all you need to know. Try it and see for yourself.

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Joseph Falcone

A great way to try other tastes
Find that the classic is a great base which I’ve used to experiment

Roger D Warren
Authentic Jersey Gravy!

Having lived in NYC and familiar with Rao's, the uptown restaurant, I have become a dedicated fan of their bottled sauces. I live in Florida now where authentic Italian food is scarce. I have come to believe, if you're not going to make it yourself, Rao's is a solid next best option. So, during a conversation with some vacationing Garden State folks when the subject of New Jersey Beefsteak Tomatoes came up, I lamented the inferiority of Florida Tomatoes by comparison and mention my bottled sauce of choice. It was suggested that I give JERSEY GRAVY a try...that it was just as good. So, on the spot, I ordered a variety pack. Talk about EXCEEDING expectations! The package arrived on-time as promised. We used a bottle of the Tomato/Basil gravy for a cacciatore recipe. WE LOVED IT!
Bright and flavorful, Jersey Gravy has all of the characteristics of a homemade sauce. I cannot wait to try the others. I can say this with certainty, this will NOT be my last order. I see the beginning of a DELICIOUS relationship.

Bruce Budwig
Great product, great company

I love their sauces. My recent order was received damaged, and the follow up and replacement process made me live this company even more. Once you try their products, you will order them exclusively. Awesome product, awesome service.

Elevate Pasta Dinner!

Great products and the perfect addition to any pasta dinner! Can’t beat the Classic when your craving a plate of pasta.

Marion Beckwith

Gave the Classics to my friend and her husband who are from New Jersey and they were very impressed!