As a young boy growing up in Northern New Jersey, I distinctly remember hanging out after school with my friends at our favorite local pizzeria. We would play video games and eat what we thought was the best pizza and pasta in the world. I loved it so much I even took on a part time job there and set out to learn everything I could about making great pizzas and Italian food. Unfortunately for me, there was one recipe the restaurant wouldn’t share: the one for their famous “Italian gravy,” that rich, hauntingly delicious tomato gravy that made everything it touched special. I would never forget its taste, but it would be decades before I learned its secrets.

After spending many years as an executive in the corporate world, I decided to swap my tie for an apron, and purchased that same legendary pizzeria, gravy recipe and all! I then soon realized that I was on to the next best thing…Jersey Italian Gravy! That’s when my wife chimed in and said, “Why don’t we jar and sell this stuff?” Good idea honey! Today, I am happy to share with you that same Italian gravy I fell in love with years ago. Open a jar and I’m sure you’ll smell the freshness, taste the difference, and create some legendary dishes of your own!

Carlos and Constance Vega